Nels (hausofgrimace) wrote in gaygeeks,

Just got my FFXIII Platinum Trophy...

 So I just got the PS3 platinum trophy for FFXIII at about 85 hours gameplay. About 20+ hours of that was farming Adamantoises for gil because of the ridiculous treasure hunter achievement.

So I have all the weapons, fully maxed characters, and 5 star'ed every mission. My question is, now what...?! No hidden bosses, no easter eggs, no extra dungeons, no side story quests, no pets, no card game, no more character development (crystarium maxes out way too early), no more exploring. Whatever you get in Chapter 11, you are stuck with in Chapter 13 all through til the end. We can't even revisit any of the places we saw in Chapters 1-10, and now I am kicking myself for not staying longer in Nautilus, notably one of the only memorable "towns" in the game.

imo, SqEnix really dropped the ball on post game material!
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